WizAnn Knowledge School
Knowledge of London Licensed Taxi Training
Learning the Knowledge begins when you receive an introductory pack. In this pack you will be given:
- A Copy of the guide to learning the knowledge of London (the Blue Book 320 run titles)
- A Copy of the DVD Go Your Own Way
- A booklet of advice on how to learn the knowledge and how you will be assessed
The Tests
After learning the 320 runs, you will need to attend TFL to be tested. The examination system consists of:
- A basic written exam
- A series of one-to one oral exams, called appearances
- A seperate practical driving test
Green Badge
How to become a Black Cab Driver Green Badge
Email: wizann@wizann.co.uk | Phone: 02070930909
Classes & Tutorials
Lower Robert Street is closed Between Midnight and 7am, Question 143 should say "10pm at night"
Crown Moran Hotel can be set on the Right
Todays Weekly League is at the bottom of your Daily Emailed sheet, just scroll down
Dropped Points that did not make the sheet Gerald Shoe Lane Library given as (New Street Library) Shoe Lane, Peterborough Court Taxi Rank
All the students who helped yesterday, you did a great job These veterans deserve nothing less than our utmost respect
WizAnn Beginners Exams 1-4 are now fully functioning. Intermediate will follow in a few days
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