WizAnn Knowledge Study Facility and Publishing House
  have been teaching the Knowledge since 1996, publishing the first Knowledge study book of its kind
"Taxi the Complete Knowledge"
  We produced the first Knowledge Apps in 2011 and continue to push the boundaries of integrating technology to aid with studying
Free introductory seminars, Free Pointing seminars, Beginners Bluebook open day, New Members Open Day, Up to date run and point books (updates posted on our site as they happen) Book and Points APPs for Apple devices and soon for Android, Online Knowledge forum and Online APP support forum
Our membership fees 8, 20 Weekly, Daily, 50 Monthly, 500 Yearly includes: Unlimited access to the school in a friendly working environment, Our school is soundproofed to create a quiet ambience, with plenty of natural light which has a positive effect on studying. One to one sessions with Mr Price an ex TFL examiner of 16 years. Partners to work with on your level. Free copy of our daily point sheet.
Qualied Taxi Drivers, Dean Warrington and Sam Beard are on hand to give advice and answers. Fiona Kelsall, John Redding and Alan Price make up the rest of the WizAnn Team
Follow us on Twitter @WizAnn and Facebook www.facebook.com/WizAnn for the very latest information
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How to become a licensed London Cab Driver Knowledge of London Licensed Taxi Training Tel: 020 3289 9114 or Tel:020 7018 7328
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I would like to thankyou all at wizann for helping out the knowledge students by creating this app versions of points and runs Personally I would have not done it if it was not for all these apps that
Well done everyone really good new weekly sheet for revision sorted into categories etc. Really impressed with your new pricings really competitive thanks for the wizann app would be lost without it.
Just like to thank Wizann and all the people who work there Dean, Sam, John, Fiona and Mr Prices for all your help on getting me through the knowledge. Your help, information, books, apps and class
great school, helpful people. thumbs up.
Very good school always helpful and their products
've been to other knowledge schools over the years whilst doing the knowledge and I have to say this is the best one. The guys working there seem to really care about how you get on and always willing
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